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Apiaq Natural Cosmetics was created to provide customers with the Natural Cosmetics created from the finest ingredients around the globe

The best ingredients that nourishes the body and gives you the good feeling while protecting mother earth.

About Us
Apiaq Natural Cosmetic is a visionary beauty manufacturing company and extended arm retail. Apiaq Natural Cosmetics was founded in Toronto Canada by two a biomedical scientist with experience and background in Natural products.  Apiaq Natural Cosmetics is based on the concept of Natural beauty using nature’s bounty. We make products from the finest natural ingredients collected all over the world. We have an expanding network of Natural products to enhance human beauty.
We produce broad range of product including Natural skin care including moisturizers, natural skin brighteners and whiteners. Blemish and dark spot removers, Hair products including natural shampoos, leave-in and rinse of conditioners, Natural scalp treatment and enhancing hair grow and avoiding thinning of hair, Natural Hair products for Africans and other multi-ethnic groups.
We also specialize in men care product. We realize that there are lots of products in the market for men but our emphasis is to produce natural products that enhance grooming in men.
Apiaq Natural Cosmetics take from our natural resources and as such we practice environmental protection. Nature nurtures us as we work hard to protect nature.

Today, Apiaq Natural is small but it is expanding rapidly. We are working hard to expand our philosophy and products worldwide.

We are always open to hear from our customers and people in the beauty industry as a way of continuously improving our products and operations.
We build our products from the knowledge of science and nature and to provide the best product to our customers. We put our customers first in all of our activities.

Apiaq Natural cosmetics stand by the quality of its products. We are the natural beauty trailblazer with assortment of high quality products.  

Natural beauty- love your body news magazine and block -We have launched a client loyalty program as a way of thanking clients with special products, exclusive information, and an all-access pass to personalized beauty. Natural beauty- love your body news magazine and block program is available online and at our distributors worldwide and at apiaq.com.

Apiaq Natural Cosmetics
• J. W. Noah, FRCCS, President & CEO Apiaq Natural Cosmetics             Executive Committee
• G.C. Kasitu, Ph.D. Executive VP and CSO
For general PR inquiries, please contact:
Canada Public Relations
• Phone (905) 812-9716 or customers@apiaq.com

Apiaq Natural was founded in 2013 by people that believes in Mother Nature as a source of all good things